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Canine Stem Cell Therapy

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The Vets are very excited to be able to offer Stem Cell Therapy as a new, cutting edge treatment for osteoarthritis and other such debilitating conditions.
Stem cell treatment of canine osteoarthritis has been studied for over 10 years and is a widely accepted veterinary practice around the world, particularly in the U.S.A. and Australia.


What happens?

Patients receive a general anaesthetic to take a sample of their own body fat.
The stem cells are then isolated from this fat at a specialist laboratory and cultured to increase their number. This takes approximately 2 weeks, giving rise to millions of cells, which are then injected into the patient’s affected joints under sedation.

These calls act as the body’s personalized repair kit, reducing swelling and discomfort and encouraging natural and safe regeneration of damaged tissue.
A reduction in pain and disability is expected over a period of 3 to 12 weeks following injection and these benefits can last 12 months or more from a single injection.

It is possible to harvest enough cells for repeat treatments, which can be stored at an external laboratory, meaning only repeat injections need to be given.
Our vet, Kate Baker, has recently injected her own her dog Dillon, as he was suffering from elbow dysplasia.

The procedure was straightforward and although the cells were only injected a week ago, he is already showing promising results.
He is currently on no painkillers and has started to enjoy his walks again. We will keep you updated on his progress.

The whole procedure, including the general anaesthetic, sedation and laboratory fees, costs in the region of £1700 (depending on the breed and weight of your dog) and is recognised by most insurance companies.
Please contact Kate Baker at the practice for more information or check out Cell Therapy Science.

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